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Nemyriv - city and regional center Nemyriv district, founded in 1506. The city is known such prominent historical monuments as the Countess Scherbatova Palace and Holy Trinity Church.

What to see in the city?

Most popular sights
Most popular museums

Natural objects and reserves

The landscape reserve of local importance "Luchanske"

Nemirivskyi district, Strilchyntsi village, Strilchynetska village council

Natural objects and reserves

The regional landscape park "Nemyriv Pobuzhya"

Nemirovsky area, Vorobiivka village, Vorobiyivska village council

Natural objects and reserves

Landscape art monument of national importance "Sokilets park"

Children's camp "Sokilets", Sokilets village, Nemirivskyi district

Natural objects and reserves

Landscape art monument of national importance Nemyriv Park

Nemirivskyi district, Nemyriv city, Shevchenko Str.,16, sanatorium "Avangard"

Forts, castles, palaces

Countess Scherbatova's Palace

Shevchenko Str., 16, Nemyriv

Map of Nemirov

Where to stay?



street Gorkogo 1-a Nemirov



Nemyriv, st. Gorky, 4b


Vanguard sanatorium

street Shevchenko, 16, Nemyriv

Guides in Nemirov

Kostyantyn Shchigortsov

Vinnytsia, Nemirov, Illintsi, Tulchin, Lypovets, Sharhorod
individual tours

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Невелике, але симпатичне містечко! Родзинка його - це палац графині Марії Щербатової, який в радянські часи віддали під санаторій. Але, віддати належне, палац - практично в ідеальному стані. Біля палацу, величезну площу займає розкішний парк. Це місто можна відвідати, мандруючи по Вінничині.

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