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Tulchin - a city in Ukraine, in the south eastern parts of Southern Podillia, administrative center of Tulchyn district in Vinnytsia region, located in the valley between the low hills, between the rivers Tulchynka and Silnytsia. The origin of the name Tulchin has caused much controversy. Most likely the name has Hungarian and Turkish etymological roots. The city lies on the river Tulchynka, from it drives its name.

What to see in the city?

Most popular sights
Most popular museums

Natural objects and reserves

The landscape reserve of local importance "Pribuzhskyi"

23610, Vinnytsia region, Tulchin district, Pechera village, Pecherska Village Council

Churches, monasteries, sights of pilgrimage

Dominican Church, Tulchyn

41 Lenin street, Tulchyn

Forts, castles, palaces

Pototskiy Palace

Nezalezhnoskti Str., 10, Tulchin

Map of Tulchin

Guides in Tulchin

Kostyantyn Shchigortsov

Vinnytsia, Nemirov, Illintsi, Tulchin, Lypovets, Sharhorod
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