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Khmilnyk sanatorium

Trade Union sanatorium "Khmilnyk", built in 1961 on 3 hectares of relic forest outside the city.
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Khmilnyk sanatorium

Trade Union sanatorium "Khmilnyk", built in 1961 on 3 hectares of relic forest outside the city.

Its nine buildings are ready to host 750 holidaymakers and place them in one or two people in standard, upgraded and suites. Nutrition at the sanatorium varied and balanced. It is organized on the basis of 15 diet tables with pre-order dishes. The recommended treatment period is 15 days. Children are accepted at the age of five. The sanatorium has a sports ground, a cafe-bar, a tennis court, a cinema. Sanatorium" "Khmelnik" "is the most powerful sanatorium establishment of the resort of Khmelnyk. Today, the equipment of the newest medical equipment and the volume of medical and diagnostic capabilities of the trade union" Khmelnik "correspond to the level of modern multidisciplinary clinical hospital located in the picturesque corner of Vinnitsa region where everything is available. necessary for treatment, rehabilitation and rest: unique radon mineral waters, large deposits of healing peat mold, favorable climate, pure highly ionized air, blizzards the quality of the river and the large forests. The benefits of the "Khmilnik sanatorium" brand are an effective treatment with an individual approach to each patient, combined with personalized service, family comfort and hospitality.

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Vinnytsia region, street Resort 2, Khmilnyk

49.530498 | 27.939332

097 279 6797, 0433 822 767, 0433 822 327


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Medical Rehabilitation Center Pivdennyi Buh

Shevchenko Str, 25, Khmilnyk town, Vinnytsia region

Churches, monasteries, sights of pilgrimage

Trinity Church, Khmilnyk

7 Shevchenko street, Khmilnyk

Forts, castles, palaces

Palace of Count Ksido

1 Shevchenko Str, Khmilnyk

Churches, monasteries, sights of pilgrimage

Temple of Nativity of the Virgin, Khmilnyk



Literary and memorial museum of M.P. Stelmakh

Litinskiy area, Dyakivtsi village, Tsentralna Str., 7

Natural objects and reserves

Reserve of national importance "Zharskyi"

22350, Bahrynivtsi vilalge, Tsentralna Str., 57, Bahrynovetska village council

Where to stay?



street Resort, 10, Khmilnyk


"Berezovyi Gay" sanatorium

Kurortna Str., 12, Khmilnyk town, Vinnytsia region


Central Military Clinical Sanatorium "Khmilnyk"

1st May Str., 39, Khmilnyk town, Vinnytsia region


Sanatorium "Radon"

1st of May street, Khmilnyk


Medical Center for Rehabilitation of Railwaymen

Khmelnik town, 20 Shevchenko str.


Villa Exclusive

Khmilnyk, Staromiskaya street


De luxe

street Sobornosti, 10, Khmelnik



village of Dyakivtsi



E50, Litin


Recreation Complex "Butterfly"

Litenskyy area, Sadove village, 20km from Vinnytsia to Khmelnytsky on route M12, 6.5 km from the village Litin

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